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November 2014

(Round the World) Juggling paid work and childcare
(Round the World) Irish employers reluctant to embrace flexible working arrangements
(Round the World) CBI says companies must take flexible working more seriously
(Singapore) Why flexible working simply makes good business sens
(Round the World) Want flexible work? Don't rely on your employer
(Round the World) HR takes the lead: Flexible work arrangements and smart mobile devices
(Round the World) New parental leave and flexible working rules explained
(Round the World) Employers urged to consider implementing flexible working hours
(Round the World) Comment: Firms should embrace flexible working
(Round the World) Vodafone: How to make Flexible Working and Telecommuting a Success
(Round the World) Flexible working: How it can boost women in work
(Round the World) Five tips to encourage flexible working
(Round the World) PWC loses flexible working discrimination case
(Round the World) Flexible working and the cloud: expert advice for small businesses
(Singapore) Advisory on flexible work arrangements launched to guide employers
(Round the World) Flexible work: that's so unfair
(Round the World) Flexible working: one employee in three wants to change the way they work
(Round the World)Changes to flexible working: what to expect
(Round the World) Top five myths about flexible working
(Round the World) Upper House passes flexi-work Bill

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October 2014

(Round the World)5 Ways To Make Workplace Flexibility The New Way Of Working
(Round the World) Your Workers Want Work Flexibility But Companies Benefit Most
(Round the World)Flexible working and unusual job perks in Australia
(Round the World) Flexible Employment the Key to Global Economic Stability
(Round the World)Flexible Jobs: How to Find Success – Not Scamsy
(Round the World)Survey: 11 Percent of UK Workers Want Flexible Hours
(Round the World) The Parent Trap: Are Flexible Work Policies Hurting Moms And Dads?
(Round the World) 5 Ways Flexible Work Options Benefit Small Businesses
(Round the World) Life Ed: How To Negotiate Workplace Flexibility
(Round the World)More people opt for flexitime for balanced life
(Round the World) FlexJobs’ Survey Provides New Perspective On Flexible Job Seekers
(Round the World) More Emory employees explore flexible work options

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September 2014

(Round the World) Should more flexible working hours be allowed in UAE?
(Round the World) Many find flexibility of contracting worth the trade-off
(Round the World) Flexible working, the next taboo
(Round the World) 10 Rules of Engagement to Avoid Flexible Work Failure
(Round the World) Work flexibility beats best laid plans
(Round the World) The complete guide to flexible work that doesn't kill your career
(Round the World) Flexible Work Hampered by Communication Difficulties
(Round the World) Workplace flexibility a key to happy employees
(Round the World) How to create a flexible working environment to suit generation Y
(Round the World) Flexible working – achieving a work-life balance – employees’ rights in the UK
(Round the World) Flexible work arrangements to be delayed again
(Round the World) Flexible working would work in industry, say civil engineers
(Round the World) Supporting flexible working enables organisations to attract and retain skilled workers, including the ‘Facebook Generation’
(Round the World) Gen Y 'think flexible working shows lack of commitment'
(Round the World) 90% 'believe flexible working improves morale'
(Round the World) Get ready for flexible working
(Round the World) In search of the flexible-working utopia
(Round the World) Queensland public servants trial digital hubs, flexible work arrangements

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August 2014

(Round the World) How to make flexible working work for you
(Round the World) Flexible working – not just for the summer holidays
(Round the World) Flexible working: Finding the right balance
(Round the World) New mums call on employers for flexible working arrangements
(Round the World) Yes, Flexible Hours Ease Stress. But Is Everyone on Board?
(Round the World) Women with flexible work hour arrangements perform better
(Round the World) Flexi jobs on the rise in India
(Round the World) Flexi staffing to rise in government sector: ISF
(Round the World) How to Get a Flexible Work Schedule

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July 2014

(Round the World) More employees admit they’d leave their jobs for more flexible working
(Round the World) Flexible working? All change in the workplace?
(Round the World) Flexible working arrangements make all the difference
(Round the World) United States: Paid Leave, Flexible Work Scheduling Continue To Receive Attention
(Round the World) Flexible working legislation change: What does it mean for UK workplaces?
(Round the World) Workers turn to more flexible working options
(Round the World) Flexible working good for happiness
(Round the World) How workplace flexibility works for your business
(Round the World) Is your office ready for flexible working?
(Round the World) How to prepare for flexible working
(Round the World) SMEs failing to meet flexible working challenge – study
(Round the World) United Kingdom: Flexible Working: Floodgates Of Doom Or Fountain Of Opportunity?
(Round the World) 4 Ways to Ask–and Get–a Flexible Work Schedule
(Round the World) UK – Call for greater flexible working rights for grandparents
(Round the World) Companies that embrace flexible working will cope when strikes hit
(Round the World) News Hot topic: Changes to flexible working law
(Round the World) Flexible working from niche to mainstream
(Round the World) The Realities of Flexible Working Requests
(Round the World) Flexibility increasing opportunities for working mothers
(Round the World) How To Ask Your Boss For Flexible Working Hours
(Round the World) New flexible-working legislation will only succeed with a shift in mindsets

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June 2014

(Round the World) More staff gain right to flexible work as thousands swap office for the pub
(Round the World) Millions in UK can work flexible hours under new rules
(Round the World) Flexible working is on its way – know your rights
(Round the World) Warning over new flexi-time rights: Employers talk of resentment among staff as rules allowing all workers to request
adaptable hours come into force
(Round the World) The trouble with flexible working
(Round the World) New college grads seek jobs that offer balance, flexibility
(Round the World) Obama gives feds right to request more flexible work options
(Round the World) Angel Business Suite explain why flexible working can help a business thrive
(Round the World) President Obama: Agencies must expand telework, flexible work schedules
(Round the World) Flexible hours push to help the over-50s stay in work: Pensions Minister says older generation are 'vast untapped talent'
(Round the World) Report: students think future university more accessible, flexible, job-focused

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May 2014

(Round the World) Angel Business Suite explain why flexible working can help a business thrive
(Round the World) Flexible working comes into force in June
(Round the World) Two thirds of workplaces could increase flexible working if non-peak season tickets launched
(Round the World) How next month's changes to flexible working law will affect you
(Round the World) Flexible working requests: opening the floodgates to greater flexibility
(Round the World) Flexible work week needs more research
(Round the World) Get ready for flexible working to go mainstream
(Round the World) Flexible working: Is HR prepared for the changes?
(Round the World) Osborne Clarke consults on flexi-working in bid to aid talent retention
(Round the World) For Workers, Less Flexible Companies
(Round the World) Why employers fear flexi work
(Round the World) A not-so-flexible definition of flexible work

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April 2014

(Singapore) Tap women and seniors to beat labour crunch: SNEF
(Round the World) Employers Are Getting More Flexible — Up to a Point
(Round the World) Startups take the flexi route to attract part-time workforce
(Round the World) Flexible working arrangements for employees
(Round the World) Flexi-working hours key to rise in entrepreneurs in Bangalore
(Round the World) ICAI launches Flexi Working Portal for Women Members
(Round the World) How flexible working is good for you – and for your career
(Round the World) The 20 Most Flexible Employers In America
(Round the World) Best solution for working mums? Mainstreaming flexibility
(Round the World) Flexible working – an extension of employee rights
(Round the World) SME Masterclass: How to implement flexible working
(Round the World) Right to Request Flexible Working Becomes Law
(Round the World) Right to Request Flexible Work Extended to All Employees
(Round the World) Flexi-Work And Charter Of Rights
(Singapore) Singapore Urges Employers to Adopt Flexible Working Arrangements

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March 2014

(Round the World) Flexi-Work Week Bill Before Parliament
(Round the World) Flexi-work enables equal division of labour
(Round the World) Flexi-staffing becomes a boon for women on career breaks
(Round the World) Why Big Names Support Flexible Working
(Round the World) Flexible Work Bill to be tabled in House
(Round the World) To raise productivity, let more employees work from home
(Round the World) Minister: Single mothers to benefit from flexi work-life programme
(Singapore) Most S’pore firms believe flexi-work practices raise productivity: Survey
(Singapore) Half of unionised companies should be on flexi-work by 2015: NTUC
(Round the World) Flexible working rights for all – could they backfire?
(Singapore) NTUC job fair offers flexible work arrangements to attract women
(Round the World) Virtual staff and flexi-working will be commonplace in 2030, UKCES predicts

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February 2014

(Singapore) Singapore – Companies urges to introduce flexible work arrangements to enhance productivity
(Singapore) 55% of Singapore bosses guilty of having 'poor' flexi-work options
(Singapore) Extending flexi-work for sake of family
(Round the World) Trade-off for flexible working may be extended under new federal laws
(Round the World) How Flexible Work Culture Can Make Business More Social

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January 2014

(Round the World) Revealed: Dads are twice as likely as mums to have a request for flexible working rejected by bosses
(Round the World) Seventy-nine per cent of Malaysians want flexi working hours
(Round the World) Eversheds comment: More flexibility to deal with flexible working
(Singapore) Singapore workers clock slightly fewer hours than 10 years ago
(Round the World) Finding Flexible Work Difficult for Cancer Patients and Caregivers
(Round the World) Harvard Study: Flexible Work Days Would Narrow Gender Gap

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December 2013

(Round the World) Flexible working key to happier workplace
(Round the World) Flexible Working – The Advantages and Disadvantages
(Singapore) Dairy Farm Flexi Work: From Customers To Partners
(Singapore) Flexible work arrangements needed to achieve gender balance: Survey

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November 2013

(Round the World) Flexible working becomes more popular among Turkish people
(Round the World) Skirting the Issue: Flexible working shouldn't equal the Don't Promote list
(Round the World) Flexible working business resolutions for the new year?
(Singapore) Singapore businesses back flexible work
(Round the World) Law firms ‘failing to embrace’ flexible work
(Singapore) Call to offer flexi-work 'to stay competitive'

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October 2013

(Round the World) Q&A roundup: How business owners can achieve work-life balance
(Round the World) The 9 Happiness Mistakes You're Probably Making
(Round the World) PetroChina listing means we are still 'bigger' than Singapore
(Round the World) 5 Ways to Increase Your Confidence and Achieve Success

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September 2013

(Round the World) The New Work from Home Trend: Second Job
(Round the World)Work-at-Home Mom = No Child-Care Costs? Not So Fast!
(Round the World) 10 tips for flexible working without the downsides of complacency
(Singapore) Is Singapore heading towards flexible work arrangements?
(Round the World) How Caring for Aging Parents Affects a Career
(Round the World) What About Working Dads?

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August 2013

August 2013

(Round the World) Employees ‘staying connected with work while on holiday’
(Round the World) Flexible working ‘not just for females’
(Round the World) Older people ‘remaining in employment for longer’
(Round the World) Flexible working ‘helps improve work-life balance’
(Singapore) Adapting to and gaining from working flexibly
(Round the World) 7 Ways Women Can Opt Back Into the Workforce
(Round the World) Poll: culture biggest hurdle to flexible working
(Singapore) Keynote Speech by Dr Amy Khor, Minister of State for Health and Manpower, at the 360 Productivity Singapore, on 1 August 2013

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July 2013

July 2013
(Round the World) 5 basic money mistakes retirees make
(Round the World) The Best 25 Companies for Work-Life Balance
(Singapore) Singapore Firms Urged to Make Flexi-Work Options More Accessible to Staff
(Singapore) Companies recognised for efforts in promoting flexible work arrangements
(Round the World) Work-life Balance is a Life Saver

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June 2013

June 2013
(Round the World) Flexible working report: key points
(Round the World) 4 Reasons to Offer Employees Flexible Schedules
(Round the World) Does technology help or hinder your work-life balance?
(Round the World) Seven Ways Dads Can Achieve Work-Life Balance
(Round the World) Flexible work options can backfire, studies show
(Round the World) Flexible work-week will be a reality, says Labour minister

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May 2013

May 2013
(Round the World) Alpha Dads: Men Get Serious About Work-Life Balance
(Singapore) Three organisations under LTA's Travel Smart implement flexi-work
(Singapore) Flexi-work key to easing Singapore’s talent crunch
(Singapore) More employers & mothers take part in third flexi-work mingling session
(Round the World)Employers 'must be open-minded on flexible working'
(Round the World) Flexible working: How to ask the boss
(Round the World) Majority of employers agree to flexible working requests

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April 2013

April 2013
(Round the World) Flexible working: observations on changing the way you work
(Round the World) Negotiating flexible working: it's a game of two halves
(Round the World) The Rise of Silicon Dad
(Singapore) Time for HR to implement flexi-work hours
(Round the World) Is Flexible Working Killing Business Relationships?

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March 2013

March 2013
(Round the World) Marissa Mayer's Misstep And The Unstoppable Rise Of Telecommuting
(Round the World) How One Company Reaffirmed Its Commitment To Make Flexibility Work
(Round the World) UK businesses still ignoring flexible working
(Round the World) Is There Life After Work?
(Singapore) 7 in 10 Say Employers Not Supportive Of Flexible Work Arrangements: NTUC Poll
(Singapore) NTUC’S briefing on U Family Happiness Poll results & position on flexible work arrangements

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February 2013

February 2013
(Round the World) Yahoo Orders Home Workers Back to the Office

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January 2013

January 2013
(Round the World) She’s (Rarely) the Boss
(Round the World) High-flying "millennial" women don't live to work-book

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November 2012

November 2012
(Round the World) Why Work-Life Balance Is a False Narrative
(Round the World) Flexible parental leave to give mothers 'real choice' over work-life balance

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October 2012

(Singapore) The Legend of Work-Life Balance
(Round the World) The terrible myth of work-life balance
(Singapore) 5 hiring trends job seekers must watch out for
(Singapore) Singapore Employers Embrace Flexible Work Arrangements
(Round the World) Work is Top Trigger of Stress for Asia-Pacific Workers
(Singapore) NTUC calls for flexible working arrangements, more paternity leave
(Singapore) LTA, firms to study and adjust workers’ travel time to work
(Round the World) Richard Branson on Finding a Work-Life Balance

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September 2012

(Around the World) Greater flexible working could be positive legacy of recession – REC
(Singapore) Fair pay, job satisfaction vital to achieving work-life balance
(Around the World) Flexible working: how women can make part-time work pay

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(Around the World) What men want: flexible work
(Singapore) Parenting: Men seek more help from bosses, Government
(Round the World) How To Succeed At Working From Home

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July 2012

July 2012
(Around the World) Informa internal research reveals ‘critical’ role of flexible working
(Round the World) The 10 Keys to Building the Flexible Workplace of the Future
(Singapore) Oral Answer by Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, Minister of State for National Development and Manpower, to Parliamentary Questions on Promoting Flexible Work Arrangements
(Round the World) Why Women Still Can’t Have It All …

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June 2012

(Singapore) How flexible working also helps the environment
(Singapore) How work is changing in the new world workplace
(Round the World) 3 Work-Life Assumptions That Are Often Wrong (and Costly)
(Singapore) Flexi-work benefits workers – and firms

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May 2012

(Round the World) Older workers feel discriminated against by flexible working rules By James Hall, The Telegraph, 31 May 2012 People aged between 45 and 54 think that the flexible working hours given to people with children mean that younger workers receive preferential treatment over everybody else. The perception can lead to “workplace conflict” and […]

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April 2012

(Round the World) Focus on the "How" Not the "Why" for Flexible Work Success By Cali Williams Yost, 24 April 2012 What’s one of the biggest mistakes that I see people make when they present a proposal to work more flexibly to their manager? They focus on “why” they want to work differently, when […]

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March 2012

March 2012: The Diversity Council of Australia (DCA) says fathers wanting to spend more time with their children, people caring for elderly parents and those preparing for retirement could all be more productive with flexible conditions…
(Round the World) CIOs sold on flexible working benefits – so what is holding it up?

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February 2012

(Round the World) 6 ways to promote work flexibility culture change
(Round the World) Why Flexible Hours Inspire Performance
(Round the World) 5 Steps To Work Life Sanity in Today's Social World

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January 2012

Transport minister, Norman Baker explains how flexible working can reduce stress, keep down costs and cut carbon emissions.

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December 2011

(Round the World) Study of the Day: Employees With Flexible Work Hours Are Healthier
By Hans Villarica, The Atlantic, 29 December 2011
New research suggests flexible workplaces promote personnel well-being and more healthful behavior from employees….
(Round the World) New Government Survey Hammers Home Importance of Teleworking Policies
By Andrew B. Einhor, Oh My Gov!, 23 December 2011…

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November 2011

(Singapore) Increasing Female Workforce Participation From NTUC WDS Survey, 29 November 2011 NTUC WDS (NTUC Women’s Development Secretariat) commissioned a survey with over 1,200 men and women to find out the needs of women so as to increase their participation in the workforce. This will enable them to better understand men and women with family […]

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October 2011

(Singapore) Parliament Primer: Roadblocks to gender equality Compiled by AWARE, 27 October 2011 Workplace support for women, boosting the fertility rate, and help for single mothers and caregivers were some of the issues discussed during the Oct 17 to 21 Parliamentary debate. Here’s a summary of the key points. Article Link: (Singapore) Govt should […]

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September 2011

(Singapore) Flexible, Mobile Working Is the New Normal, Says Regus By CFO Innovation Asia Staff, 27 September 2011 More than half (56%) of businesses in Singapore state that flexible working costs less than fixed office working, saving tens of thousands of dollars per employee per year, says Regus. Thus, 80% of all Singaporean companies now […]

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August 2011

(Round the World) Finding Work-Work Balance

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June 2011

June 2011
(Round the World) Moms and flexible work: How to negotiate a winning work schedule
(Round the World) Ys Just Wanna Have Fun (and Flexibility)

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March 2011

(Round the World) Women's Day: Life's easier with flexi work hours
(Singapore) Who are We Kidding? – There is No Work Life Balance

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